About DKK Group


1359( 1980) Company Industry DKK GROUP in Germany as a technical adviser to the country's steel industry, including projects Khuzestan Steel has started its activities.

Now, with over four decades of experience and the skills and knowledge experts, one of the most successful companies in the steel industry and rolling country.

Technical and economic studies, planning, construction, control, project management, engineering services, procurement of equipment, technical inspection, installation, performance management, supervision and workshops, startup and operation of the guarantee period services, industrial designs to provide the highest standard.

1364 (1985 ) DKK company to provide better services to clients and projects undertaken in your office established in Iran .

The growing trend of industrial development and the need for widespread presence of strong companies with local experience Has led to our goals and visions backed by massive and highly valuable experience that we have gained over the years For large industrial projects in various fields, we as a turnkey operation.

Through investments and subsidiaries established internal supports German companies large and varied activities, engineering services, Supply and installation of equipment and construction requirements for industrial projects inside the country And having certificates of 9001 and being among the top companies in Iran and the possibility of providing more quality services provided to customers.

1374(1992) DKKI industrial companies to solve many problems in the steel industry supply In particular, measurement systems and instrumentation that was completely foreign-funded After four years of planning as the first and only manufacturer in Iran and the Middle East, For a variety of thermocouple probes, sampling, oxygen probes, probes hydrogen, Sablans, carbon Cup and all accessories and related equipment and engineering design services Systems, instrumentation, steel and foundry industry for its production activities in Germany began with the transfer of technology and industrial products dkki In accordance with international standards such as DIN-IEC 584 under the license of German companies producing and supplying it began and it was DKKI flourishing.

Dkki Industrial Company is proud to announce now the only manufacturer with ISO 9001-2000 quality assurance system All requirements shall ensure the country's steel industry and its products to Europe, the Persian Gulf and neighboring countries as well as exports.

Research and development R & D enterprise important part of the product is always trying Industry Bureau With the advancement of technology and products to meet the new needs of the steel industry designed and implemented their needs.

1375- With the growing demands and needs of industrial automation systems product line and increase production company DKKI، Workshop ideals build your brand with the aim of manufacturing machines, office automation and industrial equipment of all goods established.

پسDKKI completion of development projects by the end of 1380, the series of 1381 to provide services for industrial packaging And automation of production lines and equipment for melting and casting plants, equipment for rolling mills, power plants developed its activities in cooperation with German companies.

The workshop utilizes the expertise and knowledge to carry out multiple projects industry has been successful so far.

Box design workshop graduates of mechanical engineering and metallurgy from Sharif University And Science and Technology and has over ten years of executive experience in the industry and multiple certification courses on automation, hydraulics, pneumatics, project control and methods of production.

1388- TFPI established company that manufactures electric elements for kidney steel industry, Rolled steel, aluminum, copper and oil, gas and petrochemical industries, power plants and industrial heat and air and started its activity.

Now we are proud of our suppliers, are as follows:

  1. Aerospace Department of Defense
  2. Mobarakeh Steel
  3. Ahvaz Steel

And other customers in the metal, aluminum, copper, oil, gas, petrochemical, heat treatment and power plants

1392- Connex Iran: designer and manufacturer of electric arc furnaces from Germany who design and build these ovens for a reputable company such as SMS, Siemens, VAI, Danieli and ... does.

Contract with BA and mutual cooperation established with the company's manufacturing plant has all the components needed for electric arc furnaces, For high voltage transmission from the transformer to the electrode is made of graphite with our colleagues in Iran So far, the company also produces steel mill Mobarakeh, Khuzestan Steel, steel Vian, Hormozgan, Natanz and ... Most of the high voltage cable intake, copper bus bar, etc. There is Flksybl and pipes as well as spare parts for electric arc furnaces made and delivered.